Monday, 31 October 2011

Final project rationale

Five print formats (sizes)

Mock ups of packaging up to A2 size
Banners would be up to 1.5 metre wide and 7 metres long
Bags on A0 sheets

Five print methods
Digital for mock ups
Ideally UV litho for polypropylene 
Maybe pad printing if I chose the moulded 'egg boc' gray board pulp design
For posters and banners - Flexography 
Labels could be litho
Paper bags could be flexo

Print considerations - print runs, 3D stand, Leaflets, how many?

Bags - 2000
Banners - 4
Reusable bagging - 5000
2 spot colours to keep costs down

Stock - explore reuseable, recyclable eco friendly materials.

No special finishes as too expensive for apples.  coated papers so colours vibrant.

Structural package designs - more nets

I chose some more package nets to mock up for the apple packaging.  from The book Structural Package Designs published by The Pepin Press. 

Context, Concept, ideas and samples boards and group crit

Peer Feedback

Concept crit - Good is:


Lots of research - stats/facts, well informed
Clear delivery
Thought of different print

Areas for improvement

Amount of packaging

Additional comments

Is the message an Eco mssage or supporting British?

Good is... Concept paper feedback

I feel like at this stage, compared with others in my Crit group my concept and ideas are well developed however it would have been useful to have had feedback off people who had similarly developed their ideas.
The feedback was really positive due to the amount of research I have carried out but it would have been useful to have more feedback on areas for improvement.  
The point about 'do people really care where there apples are from' is an interesting one.  My target audience is older than the crit group aged 25 to 45 so they could be more interested.  I did not really think that hard about the whole English apple/how far they had travelled until I started this brief!  So perhaps there is a need for something educational/ raising awareness of the issues.... Although I don't want my concept to address this other than through the branding and promotion of the Sweetie Apple.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Typography workshop 2

Introducing the basic principles

The tone of voice - communicating emotions through Serif or sans serif, Case, typeface, weight, fine or bold, the position on page, Point size.

Kerning - The space between the letters
Useful to provide a visual even space, to create consistency.  It is the AREA between the letters in a single word

Software generates space automatically.

The importance of the space between the letters and allowing the word to sit comfortably in its own space needs to be perfect for Logos and brand names.

Kerning your first and second name

The starting point is always the largest space. ie for GRAHAM the starting point is between the A and H.

If the large space is obvious then does need kerning.  

Never negative kern

L and A are bad letter combinations.

Don't have to kern every letter leave at least 2 unchanged

The Hierarchy of the message
Order of the information

Graham tried a few exercise some screen where we had to really look with our eyes and not allow our brain to think.
In this example people tend to look at two first, at the centre of the screen with the space around it.

Size, position, and weight can contribute to hierarchy.

You look at four first however you read one, two, three

Layout is crucial to Graphic Design.

We read the shape of the word not necessary for each letter.

Your brain reads the easiest thing first ie Lowercase is easier to read than uppercase.

In this example would probably read two first.

How do you get to read the sentence into two lines?

Rule - Always break the sentance where there is a natural pause.

Task one First name san serif upper case/ Last name serif upper case

Task two a short proverb or song lyric 6 or 7 words.  Play about with size /weight to get you to read the text sequentially.

Task three break the above into two lines

To thine own self
be true,

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Test Issuu publication

I have uploaded an incomplete Issuu PDF which is just as well as I have managed to get my double pages appearing as single pages!  Will have to iron this out before final version.

Issuu top ten

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Design for print workshop

Spot eight errors - 5 printing inks

The tree silhouette is not linked to the source file.  Look at the Links Pallet and click on page number will show which image is missing.  Can Relink the file in Links pallet if the file is available.

This font colour is Registration Black so exceeds 300% ink limit and may not dry and if off register would be unreadable (picks up 100% CMYK plus any spot colours (all printing plates) in the swatch)

Two Pantone colours too many in the Swatches pallet, the bottom two colours do not show on the Separation preview.  Delete any unused Spot colours in your swatches pallet.

The resolution  should be 300dpi not 72 dpi. To correct would need to rescan the image cant correct the original image in Photoshop.

Bird 1 has an effective PPI of 1897 so a large  image was scaled down to 15% in Indesign.  We can edit this in Photoshop by applying the 15.8 scale so we get the actual photoshop image in Indesign. The consequence of scaling down is that we are working with unnecessary large files.  Also Indesign has to work harder to scale down which can lead to printing errors.

No bleed on the first page. (Press W to see all margins)

A RGB colour on this tiff. In Photoshop Use the Gamut warning can adjust the colour hue or just convert to CMYK

RGB blue has been used  Would be converted to CMYK during the print process so his may lead to unexpected results.  Double click on swatch and change to CMYK

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Sweetie apple- sibling of Jazz

I have only just spotted the popularity of the Jazz apple and have started looking at their marketing as the two apples are related both being cultivated from Braeburn and Royal gala.  Apple enthusiasts on even include Jazz in it top ten apples of all time , the only supermarket variety to hit this prestigious list!

The Jazz website is also informative.  Their strap line is Apples with bite...

Events the Jazz team attend

BBC Good Food Show
23rd – 27th November 2011

BBC Good Food Show
The UK’s biggest and best exhibition specifically dedicated to food, the BBC Good Food Show attracts the country’s finest chefs, most popular brands and over 100,000 adventurous foodies. The weeklong celebration is held at the NEC in Birmingham and Jazz Apples will there once again to razzle, dazzle and refresh the crowds.

Festive Food Fair
8th- 11th December 2011

Festive Food Fair
Running for the first time, The Festive Food Fair is set to wow nearly half a million consumers during the four days at one of the UK’s busiest shopping centres. Held in Bluewater’s new event venue near to the ice skating experience, the Festive Food Fair is the perfect pre-Christmas day out. A great opportunity to discover an array of wines, spirits, champagnes, wonderful cheeses and meats, handmade chocolates, local and regional delicacies, exquisite fish and seafood, mouth-watering jams, chutneys, sauces and marinades plus the world famous Jazz Apple, the event is free to get in and not to be missed.

Its Not Unusual For Jazz Apples To Steal The Show

Festive Food Fair
Jazz Apple’s summer sampling campaign finished in style at the English Heritage Picnic Concert with over 12,000 apples sampled and 3000 recipe cards handed out.  The sell-out event saw the mighty Tom Jones headline as over 11,500 consumers descended on the picturesque Tatton Park in Cheshire.    
The event came just 4 weeks after the Jazz team successfully exhibited at the Goodwood Festival of Speed near Chichester, which attracted over 170,000 consumers and saw a whopping 30,000 Jazz apples handed out. 
The events are part of an on-going strategy to drive trial and raise awareness of the apple variety, which has previously been showcased at Taste of London, Children’s Food Festival, BBC Good Food Show and the Vitality Show.
Festive Food Fair
The Jazz Team will be back at the NEC in November for the BBC Good Food Show and will also be exhibiting at the Festive Food Fair taking place at Bluewater Shopping Centre in December. Stay tuned for further details.